Stranger Things 2 Betting | 27th October 2017

Callum Wilson (@CallumWilsonSJ) takes a look at 188BET’s exclusive betting markets on the new series of Stranger Things.



Stranger Things 2 | 27th October 2017


Those of you with a persuasion for the supernatural, psychokinetic girls and Eggo waffles can rejoice – Stranger Things is back.

With the second season waiting to be binged on, 188BET have priced up some odds on the forthcoming series of Stranger Things.


Who’ll die first in Season 2?


With any great television series, Stranger Things is jam packed with deaths as we explore through the supernatural. Red hot favourite for first to kick the bucket is “Papa”, otherwise known as Dr Martin Brenner.

The antagonist of the show, Brenner is after Eleven after she escaped from his clutches. Currently sitting at 2.40 with us, the senior research scientist is a strong favourite, mainly due to the power Eleven possesses and her deep lying hatred for him.

For value, Nancy Wheeler looks a huge price at 15.0, despite being a member of the main cast. Having her best friend Barb die in the first season, Nancy is vulnerable and constantly under the pressures of the upside down. Worth a punt.


Will Will Byers physically & permanently turn into a Demogorgon?


For those of you who aren’t up to date with your Stranger Things lingo, a Demogorgon is a powerful demonic monster capable of supernatural atrocities. In the last scene of series one, Will coughs up a slug which resembles that of a Demogorgon, leaving viewers wondering if he’ll turn into creature.

‘No’ is currently priced at 1.05, with the alternative ‘yes’ sitting at 8.00. Are the Duffer Brothers trying to dupe us into thinking Will could turn in that iconic last scene?

Or has he already actually started his transformation, akin to Jonah in Game of Thrones after being bitten? I’m backing ‘no’ here, purely because it wouldn’t be logical to turn the main protagonist of the show into the opposite.


In which episode will Eleven reunite with Mike and the boys?


From what we’ve seen from the trailer released at Comic Con, it seems unlikely that Eleven will be meeting face-to-face with the gang anytime soon.

It appears that she will contact them via the medium of telekinesis and other communication methods, but it does appear that she’ll be out of the picture for the majority of the start of the series.

Episode four is currently priced at 4.00 for the team to meet up, and looks a solid bet.


First guy to kiss Nancy in Season 2


This is an interesting one. The trailer for the smash hit show hints at a love triangle between Nancy, Steve and Jonathan. It shows tension between Nancy and Steve as they get drunk, and hints towards trouble in paradise for the couple.

Despite us as the audience pleading for Nancy to take geek Jonathan, the chances are she’ll first kiss the bad boy in Steve. A snip at 1.10 in the betting.


Last guy to kiss Nancy in Season 2


This is where the magic of television kicks in, and the odds are in favour of the geek getting the girl come the end of the season. Jonathan is short price favourite at 1.90 to round the series off on a high.

Steve could be worth backing at 2.10, should something unfortunate happen to Nancy. For example, if he gets the kiss relatively early and she were to be consumed by the supernatural – the jock would provide a juicy winner.



Callum Wilson’s Best Bets

Who’ll die first in Season 2? – Dr Martin Brenner to die first – 2.40

Will Will Byers physically & permanently turn into a Demogorgon? – Will not to turn into a Demogorgon – 1.05

First guy to kiss Nancy in Season 2 – Steve Harrington first to kiss Nancy – 1.10

Last guy to kiss Nancy in Season 2 – Steve Harrington to be the last to kiss Nancy – 2.10